Poetic inspiration can come in many shapes and sizes. Open your senses and listen to the sounds around you. When you compose poetry, think of the sounds in your words and OF your words.

Poetry was originally written to be heard. The ancient poems were read aloud around campfires or in great halls. How do your own poems ring through your halls?

First, play with sounds when writing your poetry. Close your eyes and just listen to the world around you - to the birds chirping outside your window, to the rain drumming on your roof, to the sirens of a police car racing a few streets away. What sounds are in there in your world? What sounds come to mind in your compositions?

Next, as you put together your poetry, think of the way it sounds, of the way the sounds roll off your tongue. Do not just look over your poetry, read it aloud, and have others read it aloud to you. How does the cadence of the words sound? How do the combinations of the letters and vowels play together?

Keep your ears open, and bring your poetry to a new level!

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