The epitaphs here are from The Bottom Line—On Tombstones, That Is, by Walter Beasley.

“Perfect Grandparents of 16 Imperfect Grandchildren”

“We Did It Our Way”

“Born to Die Aug. 4, 1840; Died to Live May 30, 1878”

“Jurist, Orator, Judge…
In the admiration of his peers,
In the respect of his people,
In the affection of his family,
His was the highest place…
Unawed by opinion,
Unseduced by flattery,
Undismayed by disaster,
He confronted life with antique courage
And death with Christian hope.”

And finally, this lengthy, but interesting engraving:

Even they the dead
Live and reign.
Visions of the future
Bring them to view
And fond memory brings
Them back again.

When these lines you
I will be at God’s right
Let no tears over me
Be shed
Living I am, I am not

Look to Jesus Who
Alone can save,
Only He can ransom
From the grave.
Weep not for me we
Will meet again
Even with Christ
To live and reign.

My name is not concealed--
In the epitaph
It is revealed.”

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