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Origami Flower Price List

I offer for sale a variety of origami flower styles. I can create a bouquet of flowers for love notes, to propose to your sweetheart. I can create color-theme flowers for your wedding reception. I can create pink-and-blue flowers for a baby shower. I can create bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day, or one-of-a-kind gifts for birthdays. The holidays are perfect for custom bouquet creations! Look through the site to determine what works best for you, then consult the charts below for pricing.

Origami Flowers Single Color & Patterned Origami Flowers
Origami flowers can last a lifetime, and can decorate a home in colors that perfectly complement the room or the person's preferences. If you love the color pink, you could buy an assortment of pink patterns. If your room is in blues and yellows, you could combine yellow solids with blue patterns. Any combination you want, we can create! All flowers come on long green stems for arranging in a vase.
origami paper options
Price Per Flower: $3.00

Total Price: $

Foil Origami Flowers Foil Origami Flowers
Foil flowers add a touch of elegance to the gift, and catch the light very nicely. You can go with a multicolored bouquet, a bouquet just in his or her favorite color, or any other combination.
foil origami paper options
Price Per Flower: $3.50

Total Price: $

Textured Origami Flowers Textured Origami Flowers
Textured origami paper is known as Shinwazome and is the ultimate in luxury. The thick fabric-like paper and intricate textures are difficult to work with, but the end result is well worth it.
textured origami paper options
Price Per Flower: $4.00

Total Price: $

Ordering Instructions
I fold each and every origami by hand to order. Please give me ample lead time to fold the number of items you are interested in! If you need 100 flowers for a wedding, I will need time to get the appropriate paper and fold them all.

When you have chosen your paper, your origami item and the number of pieces to be folded -


I enjoy folding each creation with great care, and will want to make sure there is time to meet your needs. All sales are handled through PayPal or personal check.

Origami Flowers

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