Laza Tiger Cubs

When I played in the DuneMUSH on line role playing world, one of my characters was Wensicia Corrino. The Corrino family is known for their Laza Tiger Cubs - the ones Wensicia tries to kill Paul's twins with. This page will let you see how you could interact with objects in the world of DuneMUSH. You would give commands such as "look at cubs" or "go east" and the DuneMUSH system would reveal to you what happened. Sit back, take a deep breath, and pretend for a moment that you have joined the world of Dune as a high level dignitary of an important household.

You are walking through the hallways of the House Corrino and come apon Wensicia playing with a pair of Laza Tiger Cubs in a room. Here are the commands you could give to interact with them.

look (fancy)
hold (servant)
hold (Wensicia)
put down
The pair of Laza Tiger cubs are quite cuddly, their small tan and white faces an innocent version of their deadlier parents. Their eyes gleam with delight as they roll over each other, their golden leashes constantly tangled around each other. These two Laza Tiger cubs have recently been groomed; their white fur shines in the moonlight. They appear especially rambunctious tonight, often pulling at the end of their white leather leashes in an attempt to reach a tidbit of food or the crystal punch bowl.. A Corrino servant, dressed in white, holds the leash of the cubs, staying discreetly behind his mistress, Wensicia. Wensicia holds the leash gently, occasionally tugging the pair back to her side. A Corrino servant stands to one side, ready to take them if needed. Wensicia puts the pair of cubs down, who regain their footing then scramble about in glee. The Laza Tiger cubs squeal in delight as a haughty woman walks past them, launching themselves at her feet. A sharp tug from Wensicia saves the woman's dress from the small claws, and the cubs go back to their normal tumble. One of the Laza Tiger cubs spots a moth, and launches after it, falling flat when he reaches the end of his chain. The second one squeals and leaps on the first, ending in a giant eight-legged fur pile as they exhaust each other in mock combat. One of the Laza Tiger cubs yawns, and curls up into a ball at Wensicia's feet. The second snuggles into the first, and in a moment they are both purring, sound asleep. One of the Laza Tiger cubs rubs up against Wensicia's leg, and she leans down to pick him up for a moment. She holds him contentedly, scratching him behind his ears, before placing him down to play with his sister.

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