When to Go to Walt Disney World

It's funny - if you ask 20 different people when the best time to go to Walt Disney World is, you'll get 20 different answers. It's like asking "what is the best flavor of ice cream". Each of us has different desires, so the answer is different. A great place to start is weather.com so you can see exactly what the temperature and rainfall will be like.

For example, say that you want to go with the whole family. It may be that summer is best, because the kids don't have to miss school and the parents have an easier time getting vacation weeks off. Now, of course, the problem is that EVERY other parent thinks the same thing. Therefore June-August are jam-packed full of families and kids.

My personal favorite time is early May. You want to avoid mid-April - i.e. spring break when lots of families and teens are down there. You also want to avoid late May when the early-out-of-school crowd is beginning. However, in early May, the weather is warm enough to go swimming. The weather is gentle enough to have sunny days. The flowers are all in bloom. The crowds are relatively low. It's just about heaven.

How about September through November? Yes, the kids are back in school - but that is prime hurricane season. Surely we've seen enough Weather Channel features to know what can happen then.

December? The holiday time at Disney is pure insanity. People love going down for the decorations and for the New Year celebratons.

January through March? For me, that's too cold. You can't swim. Orlando does actually get frosty in the winter.

When is it Cheapest to Go?
It's always funny when I look at books, because one book will swear it's cheapest to go X and another will swear it's cheaper to go Y. The answer is that you can ALWAYS find a special, if you look for it. Check out the hotel webpages. They'll tell you right on them what their standard seasons are. However, join up with TravelZoo and other discount mail alerts. You can find discounts in pretty much any month of the year.

For me, if I can get super cheap rates in early May, that is what I will aim for. Why would I spend a lot of time fighting to get super cheap rates in October, only to have a hurricane rain me out the entire time? Choose your timing first that fits your desires of what you want to do and see - and then make the prices work out for you.

Save your weather printouts for your scrapbooks. It's always fascinating to remember what the sunny / rainy situation was when you went!

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