Lisa Shea Short Stories

Lisa Shea Regency Time Travel Romance Lisa Shea crafts short stories that visit specific moments in time. They explore lives that have reached a turning point or are recovering from a twist.

Caroline pressed her foot on the gas, soaking in the beauty of the late October day. Her white Mustang cruised along the back roads of central Massachusetts. Soon she would be home, embarking on an afternoon of candle making. Slowly, step by step, her life might ease into a rhythm that could be called normal. If only ...

Sarah had it all figured out. She was an adult now, a full eighteen years old. She'd been dating her boyfriend, Rusty, for over a year. Soon she'd be done with school and able to do whatever she wanted to. The world seemed to stretch into infinity ...

Marla had never even been to Earth. All of her fifteen years had been spent in Baac, a domed settlement on a planet that the colonists had terraformed and brought to life. Her only contact with them was the yearly visits supply ships made to bring in new equipment and take away their share of the valuable harvests. And then came the day where everything changed ...

The Angst of Change
Alis had worked at Lunar Enterprise forever, it seemed, and she liked things just so. Her best friend, Melisa, was a hoot to gossip with. She knew her job and did it well. So when news trickled through the grapevine that things were about to change, Melisa knew she had to do something - NOW.

My parents didn't understand my decision. Despite the vast problems of overpopulation in 2103, they wanted me to settle down and kick out grandkids. But my heart drew me elsewhere. I would retreat to the solitude of the Chartreuse order and put my botany skills to good work. Maybe, just maybe, if I studied with an intense focus, I could find a solution to our world's issues.

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