Basics of Visiting Walt Disney World

It's always good to start at the beginning. Going to Walt Disney World is like going to any other location. You have to plan for it. You work out your budget, you choose your timeframe, you evaluate your options. You research so that you get the best rates for travel and lodging. Then you research so that you spend your time as efficiently as possible.

Walt Disney World is a HUGE complex. It can take an hour to get from one park to the other. Don't think of it as a tiny little spot that's easy to get around. Even walking across your hotel complex, if you're in one of the larger ones, can take you a half hour. Then it could take the bus a half hour to show up, and another hour to get you to your destination. Plan for long waits, and carry a book or handheld game. The more patient you are, the more smoothly things will go for you.

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