Transportation Within Walt Disney World

Once you get TO Walt Disney World, you have to find your way around within the park. It's really best not to have a car, to deal with parking and paying for parking and finding your car and everything else. The amount of exhaust that is given off daily by all the cars is probably enough to slay a forest of animals!! Use public transportation as much as you can, it's environmentally safe and also economical!

I *love* monorails. They are just so cool There is one main loop that goes around through the main "luxury hotels". These are the Polynesian, Grand Floridian and Contemporary. It also visits the Magic Kingdom park as well as the "transportation center" - i.e. a hub.

The second Monorail loop goes just between that "transportation center" hub and Epcot Center.

There is a whole network of busses that criss-cross the various parks. They are of course clearly labelled - but it can take 1/2 hr for a bus to arrive at your stop to pick you up, and a full hour for it to reach its destination. Plan ahead.

If you're at Key West or at the Port Orleans/Riverside hotel, there are ferries that run you back and forth to Pleasure Island. Of course if you just like ferries, you can ride these for fun! They go every half hour or so and are about a 25 minute ride.

I could ride on boats all day, Go for a boat ride, just to check out the Port Orlans / Riverside hotel complex. It's really lovely there, with avenues to walk along and a lounge with music. Ferry back to Pleasure Island, then take the Key West ferry out to check out that location as well. When you are tired of ferries, hop on the monorail. As long as you have any park ticket on you, they let you ride the monorails all day long. You can check out the gorgeous luxury hotels easily that way!

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