Clothes and Packing at Walt Disney World

Surely you've been on trips before. You understand the basics of packing :) The important thing is to PACK LIGHT. People always bring way more clothes than they need. If your tshirt gets dirty, heck, you can wash it in the sink and hang it on the shower curtain to dry. It's not a tragedy. Nobody in the park will care if you wear the same thing twice. The most important thing here is comfort. You want broken in, super comfortable walking shoes. You will be doing many miles of walking every day - the parks are HUGE. You want comfortable tops and pants.

Check the weather channel! Surely nobody in modern times should be "caught unawares" about how warm or cold a location is. It's right there in front of you on the web. Bring a poncho if you're going at a time of year that rain is normal. Bring a coat if you're going during winter temperatures. Always bring suntan lotion, always bring mosquito repellent, just like on any trip. Always bring your toiletries of course :)

The only formal restaurants clearly state on their websites what their requirements are. If you are looking for a formal dinner, check ahead and know what those requirements are. Otherwise, go for relaxed and casual. The more comfortable you are, the more you will be happy and enjoy the trip.

The one key item to bring - that I bring on every trip - is a water bottle. I can't tell you how important it is to be hydrated. Drink early, drink often. I am a firm believer in 8+ glasses of water a day. Your body really needs that water to do its vital functions. Bring a water bottle for each person, and an easy way to carry it. I have hip pouches that carry the water bottle plus wallet and small suntan lotion and small mosquito repellent. That way you are set. I also *always* bring a hat. You can get sunstroke very easily if you are out in the sun, never mind sun cancer concerns.

Wear plain t-shirts, and bring along a fabric paint pen. Get a character to "autograph" you with the pen! Pens come in all different colors and even in sparkly versions. You can see how many signatures you can collect in a given day! Even better, as your picture is taken over the course of the day, you'll see the evolution of the shirt! Another option is having a boonie hat that you can have them autograph. I love boonie hats, they are great for keeping the sun off of you. I must have 10 of them :)

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