Calendar of Events at Walt Disney World

There is something going on pretty much every month at Walt Disney World! Here are some events to keep an eye out for.

Walt Disney World Marathon including a 2 day sports expo. Run a course through the parks!

The Atlanta Braves play 16 games in the Wide World of Sports arena. Also, Mardi Gras is always great fun at the House of Blues.

St. Patrick's Day is perfect at the Raglan Road Irish Pub. For full out parade mania, check out the Easter Parade in the Magic Kingdom.

Epcot is in full bloom with its International Flower & Garden Festival. Lots of seminars and lectures. If you're a sports fan, the US Men's Clay Court Championship is on.

Star Wars weekends go on at MGM. Do we ever think there'll be an episode 7-9?

Gay / Lesbian Day attracts in over 50k visitors to the park network.

Walt Disney is very patriotic - just take a look at the American Experience at Epcot! The Fourth of July means even more fireworks than usual.

If you love Animation, this is the time to go to MGM and join in the celebration, to learn how it's done.

Disneyana is especially for those obsessed with all things Disney.

Pleasure Island Jazz Fest keeps us dancing and singing. Also, my favorite part, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival runs from Sept to Nov with a ton of good things to eat and drink. For the kiddies, there's a not-so-scary Halloween party.

Festival of the Masters provides incredible art deals.

The holidays are HUGE at Disney, with everything decorated in gorgeous colors. Then of course comes New Year's!

Keep all of your tickets and confirmation documents for your scrapbook. You can even get a shadowbox for some of the more interesting items!

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