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You have to face it. The ticket prices are INSANE. It's one of those things were you take a deep breath, accept it, and move on. It's like buying Rolling Stones tickets or baseball game tickets. Is it worth the money? Well, maybe not, but you're going to do it anyway. You just have to budget for it as best you can.

There are all sorts of breaks for the more days you go. I highly recommend only trying to see one park in a given day. The parks are very far apart and you don't want to be wasting half of your time slugging from one spot to the other via an hour long bus ride. The more relaxed you are, the more you'll enjoy your visit. It all comes down to your budget. If you can save enough money up before the trip, you can afford an extra day or two and your trip goes from a hell-bent race to a quiet, relaxing, memorable trip.

You can get SLIGHT discounts by being a AAA member. If you're a AAA person, definitely look into that. But first, start with the Disney site to use their online tools and figure out which ticket is the most economical for you to get.

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I would really NOT buy tickets on eBay. There is no way to know it's good, and you can easily lose hundreds of dollars an a used ticket. I would also NOT go to a timeshare talk to earn free tickets unless you set aside 4 hours and eat a LOT of food beforehand. They will starve you, deprive you of water, and harass you endlessly before they release you. I did this one year to get 2 Epcot tickets, and we didn't get out of there until 3 hours later (they claimed it would only be 90 minutes). I was in tears, they were so nasty.

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