Disney Fastpass System

The Fastpass system is in essence a way to "hold your spot in line" without you having to stand there. Think of it as a little robotic marker that hangs out in line, being very patient, while you go run off and play. When it comes to be your time to get on the ride, you just hop onto the ride without waiting at all.

Here's how it works. You go up to the ride that you want a Fastpass for. You stick in your ticket, so it knows who you are. The machine gives you your ticket back, and also gives you a Fastpass coupon that has a time stamped on it. Say that it's currently 11am and the stamp says 11:30am to 11:40am.

Now you get to go get a snack, hang out, talk with your friends, or whatver as the line slowly inches forwards. When 11:30 comes along, you go back to the ride, to the FastPass lane. You show them your Fastpass coupon, they let you through, and you get on the ride.

It's really great, because it means you got on when you "were supposed to" - but you didn't have to actually stand there in line getting hot and bored!

Not all rides offer the Fastpass - only the ones that tend to get super long lines have this set up. Disney Discounts and Coupons

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