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DVD Video Information
The main focus of the DVD is the 50th anniversary celebration which lasts until Sept 2006. It is really a gigantic sales pitch of course. Their message is to stay a long time, spend a lot of money, and of course stay in a Disney resort. Don't look for unbiased advice, but do look for great video images of the parks.

You get a def teen dude, an african-american mom, the modern traditional lazy / incompetent dad and the single lady. They push how the resorts give you extra time in the parks - 1 hr early or 3 hrs later. They don't mention that because of this, the park that is "featured" for the day tends to be completely swamped. Many people recommend avoiding the parks that have those extra hours for that reason :) Also, they make it seem like travel is super fast / "no problem" between resorts when most guides say to allow up to almost 2 hours to get between them.

They go through the parks one by one - magic kingdom, epcot, mgm studios. Then they go to generic sports including a whole long sequence of 'dad' being incompetent. Next we get the magical express (quick luggage transfer for resort stayers) and now hit animal kingdom. Finally we get the water parks and downtown disney. My issue is that the videos are sort of quick highlights with no context. There's no map, no overview, no list of attractions. They just randomly hit a few rides and don't even show them fully.

Now we have 4 special features - disney resorts, vacation planning, recent additions, special events. Plus there's a "more" here. The main 4 features are:

resorts - can choose each one specifically to see images of it. nice short video giving details

vacation planning - explains "magic your way" - i.e. ticket options. "make it your week" family 4 - 7 days 6 nights - less than $1500 this is a deal :)

recent additions - just saying it's refurbished

special events - food and wine festival, halloween party, christmas

OK on to the "more". We get:

new expedition everest (super fast trailer)
big thrills - all about the fast rides.
groups - "it is easy".
grown up - pushes the deluxe resorts. Boma is mentioned here. also other expensive restaurants.

Yet ANOTHER more.

resort, cruise line, vero beach resort, trivia game. These are all sort and meaningless.

Note that if you're interested in the cruise line, you can get a Free Disney Cruise DVD which might be fun to watch, too!

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