EZine Tips and Techniques: Making your EZine Forwardable

Be sure to read the EZine Basics to make sure your ezine is generally a good one. People will not forward along an ezine they dislike, or that is full of spelling and grammar errors! Here are some other tips on making your ezine one that is enjoyed and sent along to friends:
  • * Add in a related joke. People love jokes, and love forwarding them to friends and family. If it's related to your topic, it makes it even more fun.
  • * Add in an important news item. When people learn, "Wow, George Harrison is dead!" they are very likely to forward that along to people they know.
  • * Add in a quote or pithy saying. These are extremely popular with readers, again when they apply to the topic at hand.
  • * Put in a short, useful tip or technique. Something like 'how to get wine out a dress' might be forwarded along to a group of friends that has wine get-togethers.

EZine Tips and Techniques

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