EZine Tips and Techniques: Choosing a Subject Line

It may seem pretty meaningless, and many ezines get random subject lines. You have to remember that many readers now get over 500 email messages a day, and most of those are spam. They either filter that spam themselves or have a filter set up to remove most of it. You don't want your email messages being deleted before they're ever read!

Here are some tips on naming your subject line to stand out.

  • * Clearly have your topic in the subject, so it stands out as being a topic the user is interested in.
  • * Have an issue number or volume number, so that they see this is a repeating message that they are watching for.
  • * Keep it CONSISTANT! They might even set up a special filter so your messages go into a folder and are kept safe.
  • * Keep a consistant schedule. Users begin to expect the message to come in on a certain day, at a certain time. That makes them less likely to delete it when it does arrive.

EZine Tips and Techniques

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