EZine Tips and Techniques: Opt-In or Opt-Out

Opt-In and Opt-Out both refer to how someone becomes a member of your newsletter. Most newsletters are opt-in, meaning that a user deliberately signs up for your newsletter, usually on your website. Many newsletters are in fact double-opt-in, meaning that when they sign up they receive an email message that they have to respond to in order to become a 'real member'. This guarantees that the only recipients of your newsletter are people who really want to receive it.

The technique used by most spammers is opt-out. In this technique, they buy or steal from webpages large databases of email addresses. They then start sending mail to those addresses, unasked, and say that they will unsubscribe a member if they request it. Unfortunately, most of the unsubscribe code is disfunctional in those mailings, and they resell their names at such a frantic rate that by the time you DO unsubscribe your name is already on 100 other mailing lists.

If only for that reason, it is highly recommended that you stay away from opt-out. Consumers have an extremely bad feeling about opt-out email because of the huge spam problems on the net, and if you allow your own newsletter to fall into that category, you will typically be considered a spammer by those consumers as well.

EZine Tips and Techniques

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