PARENTS OF Geniveffe (Genevieve) Pesce
[Generation 5]
Married Dicembre Ventisei (Dec 26), 1901, Calvanico

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Gaetano Pesce [P200]
B: Nov 12, 1876, Eboli Italy
Parents - Ferdinando (Fred) Pesce and Generosa de Caro

Immigrated "when 21" - 1899 from obit
Actually, after 1909
No naturalization records
Address in 1912: 44 Arcadia Street, Portland, ME (Cumb Co)
Address in 1958: 144 Veranda St, Portland ME

"Laborer" on Genef's BC
D: Oct 8, 1958, Portland ME
Obituary Oct 9, 1958
Age 81. Ran a filling station and store on Veranda Street. He was a communicant of St. Peter's Church He leaves his widow, the former Mary Lisi.

BUR: Oct 11, 1958, S. Portland Calvary Cemetery
Death Certificate:
Died of Coronary Thrombosis, Mercy Hospital. Age 80. Worked at a filling station.

Orsola De Santis [D253]
B: Aug 20, 1877, Calvanico Italy
D: Not Portland, ME; (maybe S. Portland?)
was dead by Adolph's marriage in 1936

Second wife: Mary Lisi (Mariantonia Risi), married 2/12/1937 in Comune di Fisciano
Mary was alive at Gaetano's death.

Zip Code is 84080 for Calvanico

Ferdinand M. of Westbrook, Jun 27, 1903 Calvanico Italy
... died - 1.27.1972 Maine
... spouse - Julia A Porello
... child: Fred Donald Pesce, b1932, Portland,
..... Fred married Sara Ann Langzettel
Albert (Arturo), born Aug 15, 1905 Calvanico Italy
... in Portland at father's death
Michael (Michele), born Jan 25, 1907 Calvanico Italy
... in North Attleboro, Mass at father's death
Roco (Rocco), born Sep 9, 1909, Calvanico Italy
... in Naples, Maine at father's death
Ralph of Scarborough - born in Maine?
Genevieve Pesce, born 11.3.1912
... married John F. Shea
Adolph Ralph Pesce, 3.6.1915 - 12.17.1994, Portland ME
... Married Anna L Donatello, 6.14.1936
... (on obituary as 'Anthony of Portland')

Fred Pesce, 10.31.1907 - 10.30.1991,
... child of Michael Pesce & Anna Grimaldi, born Portland ME
... Spouse was Josephine M Pratico:
... Josephine Pratico Pesce, 7.18.1909 - 11.14.1989,
... child of Michael Pratico & Vinzenza Zappia, born Portland ME
Joseph Pesce, 9.18.1908 - 6.23.1983,
... child of Michael Pesce & Anna Grimaldi

Parents - Ferdinando (Fred) Pesce and Generosa de Caro

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