Betty Crocker Best Recipes for Weekend Breakfasts

This is a book laid out for casual reading on the couch - it is hard cover, doesn't lay open very well, and has only a few glossy photos. If you get yourself a scanner or a weight set for books, you might be able to use it to actually create a delicious brunch, if you also had your own nutrition calculator.

The book is laid out by group size - groups of two, "family size" (implying a married couple isn't a family??) and larger groups. They also have holiday specials. They have tips in the back for general instructions - how to make eggs, coffee, tea, etc.

GREATLY lacking here is any nutritional information. They don't have any at all! In fact, looking at their recipes, they seem to be geared towards high sugar options. Mulled cider. Swirled coffee cake. There are healthy recipes in here too, but you have to figure out which they are for yourselves.

They also give tips on how to lure / force non breakfast eaters into eating breakfast. I definitely understand the value of breakfast. Everyone who goes 8+ hours without eating does need fresh nutrition into their body to get through the upcoming hours. However, eating anything at all (i.e. sugar-filled donuts with chocolate milk??) is not a good solution. There are always healthy solutions out there. You just have to do your research and see what works for a given situation. For example I know many people who simply don't want thick solid food in the morning - but who love a healthy smoothie which is more nutritious. It comes down to research and experimentation.

Not well recommended. There are many other solid breakfast cookbooks out there with a book that is able to stay flat, images for all recipes and thorough information for each recipe so you can make an informed choice about which works best for your health concerns.

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