The Super Chicken Cookbook

Perhaps the most amazing part of this book is the introduction. It wasn't that long ago that having a chicken on Sunday was a huge deal - and that you could only get certain types of chicken (stewing chickens etc) at certain types of the year. In modern times many people consider chicken the "cheap meat" that you have when you can't afford beef. How far we have all come!

With chicken being cheap, this is an AWESOME cookbook for anyone living on a budget. There are trillions of chicken recipes in here. OK, maybe not trillions, but quite a lot. A collection of fried chicken recipes. Baked chicken. Broiled chicken. Chicken soup. Chicken sandwiches. Chicken salads, chicken in various ethnic styles. If you're looking for new ways to enjoy chicken, this book will take care of you.

Down sides? This is a standard paperback size, awful for using as a cookbook. You would want to scan any recipes to use them. There is no nutritional information at all. Being a paperback size, the recipes sometimes wrap around pages and there are no photos. So this is bare bones information.

Still, for someone looking to stretch their shopping dollar, this is an excellent way to try out new ideas!

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