100 Great Soup, Stew & Chili Recipes

This book is simply awesome. First, its layout. It is ring bound, lays perfectly flat and has easy to read instructions. There are gorgeous, large photos for each item. There is full nutritional information including the daily counts you should aim for in each category. That is calories, total fat, sat fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs and protein. There is even an area for you to add your own notes.

The recipes are simply delicious. Carrot soup with tarragon. Seafood and fennel chowder. Classic French onion soup. Chicken ans sausage gumbo. The beauty of soups and stews is that usually you can make them quickly, let them sit for a few hours and then sit down to a delicious meal. The book even lists which ones are easy, to get you started.

These recipes are nutritious and often use inexpensive ingredients, making them the best of all possible worlds. Plus they are filling comfort food!

Well recommended.

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