Simply Shrimp, Salmon, and (Fish) Steaks

Adding fish and salmon to your diet is just SO important for your health. The research comes in daily about how important fish oils are to healthy living. This book helps you learn a variety of great recipes to help you add more seafood into your daily life.

The book, hardcover, is well done so it lays flat. The recipes are printed in a good font that makes them easy to read while you're busy in the kitchen. That being said, there are no photos at all, and no nutritional information. That seems especially odd to me with the recipe set being one that appeals to people interested in health. Having nutritional info should be a natural fit, and I'm not sure why they left that nutritional information out.

There are many delicious recipes in here. Jerk-spiced salmon steaks. Salmon and yellow pepper chowder. Fresh tuna salad. There is even an entire section on side dishes, so you can offer something to go with your seafood main dish.

Still, with no photos, no nutritional information, no list of prep time or cooking time, you really have to plan ahead for these. I definitely appreciate the value of the recipes, but I have other cookbooks which do a better job of presenting all the information I need to make up a meal plan. Maybe a new version will come out of this book with the photos, nutrition and prep times to make it a more complete offering.

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