Sacramental Magic In A Small-town Cafe

There are billions of recipe books out there, and if you have a reliable internet connection, you could get any recipe you wanted with a simple web search. Sacramental Magic In A Small-town Cafe reminds us of why food is more than just a list of ingredients. It is about the meaning behind the food, about the story behind the restaurant.

Written by a couple who worked for a Jesuit-based ministry, they were about feeding peoples' souls as well as their stomachs. They did research and testing into their recipes, trying out ancient recipes and new ones, looking to see what felt comforting and what was nutritious. They tell fascinating background stories about what they cooked, what worked, why people reacted the way they did.

Food is the way we connect with others, nourish ourselves for another day, This book is an awesome way to get that message.

Well recommended.

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