Pillsbury 15 to 30 Minute Meals

I love these little cookbooks. They lay flat, have great photos and great recipes. In particular, this 15 to 30 minute meal one is one of my favorites.

Talk about perfect. Who has time to cook for 4 hours straight any more? These recipes are easy, quick, and delicious. Basil-walnut turkey breast slices. Oven-fried sweet potatoes. Quick apple crisp. Irish potato corned beef casserole. These are recipes everyone can enjoy, and which are definitely better than having macaroni and cheese yet again. Not that I dislike mac and cheese, but sometimes you want something new :)

They have full nutritional information for each recipe - including calories, protein, carbs, fat, cholesterol, sodium and potassium. They even list vitamin amounts! They have microwave instructions for many of them, if you don't have access to a stove.

Highly recommended as a way to liven up a dinner when you're short on time!

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