Oxo Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

We cook quite a lot and make a variety of ethnic styles of food. We did a great deal of research before deciding on this Oxo unit. We generally love Oxo and thought their mandoline would have a great balance of quality and price.

Issue number one. Two of the blades store in a plastic container while the rest store beneath the unit. That means any time you use it you have to pull all those blades out from beneath so that they don't get messy. Not great design.

That's a minor issue. Issue number 2 is the huge issue. The blade isn't very sharp. Food gets caught in it. Anything that causes a "stuttering" in the slicing process is a HUGE danger issue. All the knives we have are high end sharp knives. Mandolines should be razor sharp. I'm not sure if they thought it was "safer" to have a dull blade, but the opposite is true. Any time you have a blade that's dull or catches at things it causes slight jerks in the movement, which can lead to disaster.

We are well versed with mandolines and mandoline safety. We always use the cover guard. Even so, because of the dull blade issue we managed to cut ourselves once, because the food item caught on the blade, which caused the guard to tilt over.

It is much faster and safer to cut items with a regular knife than to use this, especially considering the clean-up required afterwards. We are giving this away to charity. We will now definitely spend the extra money to get a sharper mandoline with a better storage system.

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