The Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook

I adore Old Sturbridge Village. The entire "town" is authentic 1860s buildings, farmland, animals, and more - including a lumber mill, tavern, pottery shed, tinsmith and more. This cookbook is the result of their research into life back then.

Unlike other historic cookbooks which either give you just a "modern version" or the "original version" (with terms that can be cryptic), this one gives you both. You get the original instructions, and then a modern translation, with ideas about ways to substitute They have both a modern stove version as well as a hearth version, if you have access to a fire and want to cook over it. If it's something unusual, like suspending a chicken on a string, they even include drawings to help you figure that out.

People interested in early American cooking might be fascinated to learn how "normal" their meals could be. They ate macaroni and cheese. They enjoyed fish chowder, apple pie, veal cutlets and coffee. You can easily create a meal that your modern guests would love, and expose them to what life was like in the 1800s.

Well recommended!

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