The Mexican Kitchen : Enticing Tastes from a Hot and Spicy Cuisine

This large format book definitely pays attention to its layout. Each recipe has not only a main photo, but also smaller photos of the steps, showing how to handle the ingredients and do certain steps. There is a quick description but most of the page is dedicated to the instructions, giving detailed instructions. I adore the photos and the detail.

However, there is no nutritional information, no prep time, no cooking time at the front. You have to sit and read through the book to get all of those details.

Also, despite the large format, the book does not lay out well. You'll need to get a weight of some sort to keep it open while you work on it.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I love the attention they gave to the photos! I just wish they carried that same dedication along to the more "practical" use of the book, making sure you could get the other details you need for a given recipe without digging out a nutrition calculator and going ingredient by ingredient through them.

If a new version came out with a flat-laying book and the nutrition and cooking information in them, that would be one I used frequently!

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