Southern Living Barbecue & Smoker Cookbook

Using a barbecue and smoker can be great in many ways. It gets your protein and veggies in a fresh, quick method. It doesn't use any electricity. It doesn't involve frying in fat or oil. I'm definitely a fan of barbecue.

This collection is a good first step - it covers a variety of meats and vegetables, with a variety of styles. You get bbq leg of pork, lamb shish kabobs, lemon-barbecued chicken and much more.

Now, the down side. There are no photos. No nutrition information. No descriptions. No prep time or cooking time summary. They have several recipes jammed onto each page so it's not easy to lay out and read it.

If you don't have any BBQ book this can get you started - but definitely trade up to something more complete when you can!

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