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The FREE ASP On Line Course

Want to learn how to program in ASP? Don't want to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn? Here is everything you need to know to get started, in a simple, FREE on line course. Give it a try, and email me with any questions!

IMPORTANT NOTE: While I will help you LEARN, I will not DO your homework for you. If you write me for help, I will help you learn your project's tasks. I will not SOLVE your problems, though. Homework is given so you figure out for yourself out how things work and why they don't. I will help you see why your project does not work, but I will not write code for you. So far, I have had thousands of very happy students who went on to code great projects, and one girl who became *verbally abusive* when I would not do her homework for her. Verbally abusive visitors will NOT be helped!

Come on in and learn!

What Is ASP?
With all of the acronyms floating around the web, ASP might seem to stand for anything.

Setting up the Webserver for ASP
You can't just stick ASP in a HTML file and expect it to work.

Writing Output in ASP
One of the first things to learn in ASP is how to create output.

Naming and Defining Variables
One of the key features of using ASP is the ability to use a variable.

Defining and Using Arrays
Interested in using arrays to help you organize your variables?

IF-THEN and CASE statements
There are often times that you want to do something different in different situations.

FOR-NEXT and DO-WHILE Code Looping
One of the most important concepts in programming with ASP is looping through an operation.

Using the REQUEST Object
ASP is very commonly used to process form requests.

ServerVariables for System Information
Learn how to determine the user's browser, operating system, and more.

Keeping your Code Modular with INCLUDE
Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over in your pages? This will help.

Selecting from a Database
You understand the basics of using ASP, including loops and requests. Now you want to use this knowledge to select information out of a database. Here's how you do it!

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