Travel Hints and Help

Every businessperson has to travel at least some of the time - to meet clients, to go on sales calls, or to attend a conference. Even short trips to the next town are more efficient if you have the proper accessories. Here are tips on how to make your travel plans go as smoothly as possible.

If you drive around by car, you want your car set up as well as possible for your purposes. I highly recommend you have your website's URL on the back window, a cell phone holder by the dashboard (if it's legal in your state), and a car organizer to keep your stuff all together. Once you reach your destination, you want a nice business card holder, a nice bag to hold your items, and an organizer. Remember that a professional impression counts for a lot!

For more long distance travel, make sure you have sturdy, reliable baggage that is very well marked. That helps prevent mix-ups at the airport and ensures your clothes and items reach their destination unharmed.

Here are specific reviews on items I have used and enjoyed!

Champs Elysees MetStyle Laptop Bag

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