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Not too long ago, getting a degree by distance was considered a very shoddy thing. Only the lowest of the low would try to earn a degree without going to attend an actual school in a physical classroom. However, times have changed. Computers rule the world. People email and Skype all the time. The idea of earning a degree online not only is accepted, but it makes a lot of sense.

This is not just about being "cheap and easy" any more. In fact, it's about getting the very best education you can. If you live in the plains of Kansas, you might not have any ancient Greek instructors around. Going to a local classroom would get you very poor instruction. By comparison, if you go online, you can train with a master Greek instructor who is based in Greece! Achieving an online education is about finding the very best teachers - no matter where in the world they are - and benefitting from their knowledge.

You can learn how to cook from a master cook in New York City. Pick up the bagpipes from an 8th generation piper in Scotland. You can even have Eric Clapton teach you guitar! Whatever your ultimate dreams are, the online world can help you get your skill. It is absolutely amazing.

Embrace the world of online learning. Here are my notes about my progress through achieving an online degree.

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Choosing an Online School

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