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While MySpace began as a place for bands, and FaceBook began as a place for college students, LinkedIn is explicitly a site to help recommend valuable business contacts. If you have a plumber you really enjoy, you post that information on LinkedIn. That way when your friends and family want to find a plumber, they see your recommendation and follow it.

In that sense LinkedIn is much more "important" than the other social networks. If you have 800 friends on MySpace it doesn't really matter one way or the other. Nobody is really worrying about why you are or are not the friend of someone. However, on LinkedIn, you are making a personal recommendation. If you randomly accept a friend request from a stranger, and are now promoting them as a great graphic designer, then your friends might hire them based on that "recommendation". It is much more important on LinkedIn for you to wisely promote people you honestly believe in, because in a way your reputation is also on the line.

That makes LinkedIn much more valuable for actual business use. You can hopefully trust the recommendations of your friends and family!

Here is the BellaOnline LinkedIn profile -

And my Lisa Shea LinkedIn Profile -

A key with LinkedIn is that this is not intended for photos and cutesy sayings. It's about making professional connections. Think about what your professional aims are for yourself. Do you want to write books on a topic? Get to know famous people in an area to interview? Lay those things out.

What are your talents and qualifications? Talk about the things you have done, the achievements you have reached. This is your place to lay out your resume, if you will.

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