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It's fascinating how much smart phones have instantly become a part of our lives. Not too long ago, it was just that digital cameras were replacing film cameras. Now we have smartphones replacing digital cameras, and Instagram takes advantage of that trend.

Instagram - Social Networking Websites In essence, Instagram is purely a smart phone camera app that lets people share the photos they take. You download Instagram for your Droid or iPhone. That's it - there's no web based aspect of Instagram. Once Instagram is installed, then each time you take a photo on your smartphone you have the option of posting it to your Instagram page.

When you post it, you can crop the image down to any square part of the original image. You can also apply a number of filters to the image, to liven it up a bit. The image on the right shows a buttercup photo I took which is now in the "filtering" process. The filters can be applied with simple button-clicks. Then you post it and you're set!

People get obsessed with having their photos voted on, on gaining comments for their photos, on looking at other peoples' photos, and so on. Because it's all on your phone, it's a great time-killer while you're waiting in line or waiting at an appointment. That "lost time" is now filled in.

If you want to look at Instagram on the web, you have to download a third party application. For example, I use Webstagram. But it's important to note that the web apps only let you VIEW your Instagram account. You have to have already created your Instagram account on your smart phone, and you have to take the photos with your smart phone. This then leads to the fairly silly situation where you have to manually transfer any photos you've taken with other cameras onto your smartphone manually, to then be able to load them up onto the Instagram system.

Still, with Instagram being hugely popular, it's well worth looking into if you're in any way visually oriented. This can be a great way to reach new clients and to make new connections.

My Instagram profile is LisaSheaMA if you'd like to take a look!

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