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RaffleCopter provides a FREE app that you can use to run a Facebook Sweepstakes. This app CAN REQUIRE A LIKE. So unlike the WildFire app which could end up with many entries but few likes, with the RaffleCopter app you're guaranteed that every person who enters also likes your page.

Of course they can choose to un-like later. And it's also worth noting that long term you want your page to be full of people who REALLY like your content, not who just signed up for a sweepstakes and ignore it all. But that being said, if you're sure to give away items that your target audience likes, and then provide interesting content that your target audience likes, this can be a good way to draw in those readers.

Setup for RaffleCopter was quite easy. You tell it the prize you want to give away. You indicate that you want to run a sweepstakes that involves a required like for a Facebook page. You can then customize the text that shows up above and below the entry form, so that you can add in your description of the prize and the rules.

RaffleCopter is NOT good at guiding you through legal issues. You're completely on your own to know that you need to have a privacy policy on your site, that you need a full statement of your sweepstakes rules on your site, that you must state the starting and ending date, that you must describe the prize and list its retail value, and so on. So if you're going to use RaffleCopter I would ABSOLUTELY do thorough research on how to do an online sweepstakes legally and make sure you have all of the bases covered. If you do this incorrectly, it'll be you that gets sued, not RaffleCopter. They're just providing the shell. You're the one who set the sweepstakes up.

If you're doing their facebook-like sweepstakes, entry is quite easy. The user doesn't even have to enter an email address or anything. They just LIKE it. You are then provided with the list of winners based on their email address they gave Facebook. You can even export that list to Excel, to get at them all easily.

I'm still testing this, and will post more news when I get more entries!

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