Facebook Cover Graphic Size

When Facebook launched its Timeline layout, one of the key features of that layout was the large, banner sized graphic area at the top of the person's wall. This large graphic space allowed a person to truly customize their home experience to match their interests. Here is how to customize that cover graphic.

First, you want the image to be clear. If it is fuzzy, out of focus, or stretched or distorted, this tends to provide a less than high quality experience for the viewer. So you want your initial image to be HUGE. That way you can trim it to the exact dimensions you need for your facebook cover area without diluting the image value.

The destination size you are aiming for is 851 wide by 315 high. Yes, it's a fairly odd size. Still, who knows what lurks in the mind of web developers. Accept that this is your target for your facebook image and work with it.

What I tend to do is first crop my image to be the right width. Then I reduce the width to be 851, and allow the graphic program to adjust the height to be proportional. Now I explore with my graphic program to see which 315 high chunk of the image best suits my needs.

You can choose just one cover and leave it permanently - but I am much more fond of changing out the image to go with the season, holiday, and mood. That way people who come back to visit the site have something new and intriguing to look at.

You are welcome to use some of my images if you wish, as long as you leave the attribution of where you got them from.

Cover Graphic Samples
Beach Facebook Cover Graphic
Champagne Vineyards Facebook Cover Graphic
Irish Horse Facebook Cover Graphic
Low Carb Facebook Cover Graphic
Medieval Romance Facebook Cover Graphic
Mused Facebook Cover Graphic
Wintry Trees Facebook Cover Graphic

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