Leadership and Mentoring

As your business grows, you will begin to work with contractors, interns, helpers, and employees. It's critical that you build an ethical culture as the foundation for your efforts. Interact respectfully with these important individuals; treat each person with fair and calm support. This will help ensure that everyone prospers and meets their goals.

You will note that I'm not calling this area of my Work-From-Home library "management". You are not managing your helpers. Management makes it sound like you're allocating machine hours to tasks and treating people as simple man-hour resources. If you take that approach with the people you work with, counting their metrics rather than mentoring their growth, it's not likely that you'll be able to reach your fullest potential nor that they will reach theirs.

Instead, you need to look at every relationship as a mentoring opportunity. How can you best help that person succeed? That effort will then let them help you succeed and it truly is a win-win situation.

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