Creating an iPhone App

You've probably heard from many sources how amazingly powerful having an iPhone app can be for your business. There are millions of users out there, and only a small number of apps! Get yourself heard in that audience!

iTouch What are some of the possibilities? For my sites I instantly came up with hundreds of ideas. I can create a meditation timer, to go with my meditation area. A "wine types" library for my wine site. A "carb charts" listing for my low carb sites. Anything people might find of use when out and about, that is what you want to offer.

Here is my step by step instructions of how I went from a complete newbie to creating my first iPhone application!

What You need to Make an iPhone App
Applying to Apple iPhone App Area
Buying an Apple Computer
Buying an Apple iTouch / iPhone
Installing the iPhone App Software
iPhone Application Development for Dummies

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