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This is a route that many get-rick-quick schemes try. Simply set up a website and make people pay to visit the website - or sell advertising on the website. You notice that my personal site here has advertising on it. Does it really pay?

The answer is NO unless you generate huge traffic - and the only way to generate huge traffic is to have a ton of content that people really want to read. Link farms (i.e. just linking wildly to lots of other sites) get shut down quickly be search engines. So the "tricks" to getting high traffic are usually the exact same "tricks" that search engines will penalize and remove you for.

In the end, the only reliable way to get great traffic is to write great content that people actively want to read. So at this point it's not just a "website get rich quick" scheme - it is a serious writing effort akin to writing a book (or several books). You have to be willing to write a book's worth of content and to provide it on the web for your visitors. They will visit you because they find that content of value - and tell their friends about you. But you have to remember that the content is the value that you're offering and unless it is quality content, people won't come back. You need to keep it updated, make sure it's accurate, and then promote it as well as you can.

Having a weekly newsletter helps a lot, to remind people to come back to your site. I would never spam people or sell mailing lists though - that is a sure way to get your website shut down.

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