Webmaster Graphics and Design

I know a PHENOMONAL number of people in the webmaster / web design business. It is super easy to do. You simply learn HTML, take a few courses on graphic design, and set up a website. If your website is of high quality and has great graphics, often just that website and a few business cards distributed at local chamber of commerce meetings is enough to get you the first clients. If not, you go around volunteering to create websites for local businesses to get your reputation going. Even just one or two free jobs is enough to get you a ton of referrals to do more for money.

The key here of course is quality. If your own website sucks, few will want you to make one for them. Really, take the courses in graphic design. Learn about color compatability. Learn to program in ASP or ColdFusion. Learn about shopping carts, guestbooks, newsletters and mail systems. The higher quality that your own website is, the more likely people will trust you to create their websites for them.

This is a hugely successful field for many because practically every business in the world needs a website to do business - and many still do not have a quality website. But you have to prove you can create quality work before people will trust you with their business's reputation.

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