Tupperware Product Sales

Tupperware was the cliche home party for a long while. These plastic containers helped to keep your kitchen, bathroom, garage and other areas neat and clean. They really do help keep food fresh and items organized.

In modern times, you can still become a Tupperware Consultant - but you can also throw "web parties". A web party lasts for 2 weeks. If you earn $200 or more with your web party, you're then sent a gift certificate (to Tupperware) for 10% of your party's income. Now, this isn't really a great way to "earn money" - all you're doing is getting free product for yourself in return for hosting a party. It's far less helpful than being an affiliate at pretty much any other website. Still, if you want to get some free Tupperware items, and know friends who would be willing to buy through your link, it's an idea to pursue.

Setting Up an Online Tupperware Party

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