Secret Shopping and Secret Shoppers

The concept behind secret shopping is pretty straightforward. A company - let's say a restaurant - wants to see how well one of its locations is doing. They can't send a manager down to check it out, because the staff would all jump to attention when they saw the manager show up. The company in essence wants to send a "spy" in to see how things are going without the staff knowing that they are being reviewed. That's what a secret shopper is. A secret shopper is a spy that pretends to be a regular customer, but is really doing a detailed review of the company.

Most of the time, the secret shopper is NOT PAID. The shopper is reimbursed for their purchases, up to a dollar amount. For example, one site offers a secret shopper trip to a local restaurant with reimbursement up to $50 for eating lunch there. You feed 2 people for that money - plus have full leftovers for both for dinner. I consider that a great deal. You might think otherwise.

It is completely up to you if secret shopping is right for you. If you'd rather go find a "paying job", you have that option. However, if you like to eat out and shop anyway, you might as well get free reimbursements for what you love doing!

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