Genealogy and Research

I am a HUGE fan of genealogy so for me this is a natural. You get to roam around on a treasure hunt, tracking down information and taking photos for people from around the world. You really make them happy, and you get paid for it! This is really the ideal job for someone who loves to research. But remember, you have to be detail oriented. If you hate working with dates and dusty records, this is probably not the job for you.

There are all sorts of organizations that support genealogists. Make up a website listing the resources you own and the areas you're willing to do research in. List your fees and contact information. Then get out there on forums and boards and chat up your services! Help out simple questions for free in order to prove your reputation. List testimonials from happy clients on your website. Show some photos of gravestones and graveyards that you've visited. The more legitimate you can prove yourself to be, the more that people will trust you with their money in return for information about their family.

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