Crafts - Soapmaking, Candlemaking

I know MANY many people who have turned a craft they were good at into a successful home hobby. One friend began making soap in her spare time, and now has a huge number of local craft shops who stock her items. Another person turns wood bowls and decorative salt/pepper shakers, and is doing quite well with that. If you can make a quality craft item, there are people out there who are quite willing to buy it from you.

Start of course by perfecting your talent. Keep making different varieties of your craft and offer them to friends and family. Find out which are really well liked. Build a website that showcases your products even if they aren't for sale yet. The more pages you have up with photos and descriptions, the more likely people are to find you and start to ask about your sales.

Go around to the local shops and bring samples of your wares. See if there is any way to get your own items shown. Go to local craft faires and join your chamber of commerce. Talk up your work. The more you discuss it, the more that people keep it in mind when the holidays roll around. Craft sales rely almost 100% on networking, and you never know who has a friend of a friend of an important contact.

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