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I have been an avid user of Amazon's system since 1999. I was definitely an early adopter. Over the years I have posted over 2,000 reviews in the Amazon system and at one time was the #5 reviewer on their site. I am extremely familiar with how Amazon works.

Amazon offers a used marketplace for nearly all of the products they sell. If you have books, DVDs, CDs, or video games lying around the house, it is fairly easy to list those on Amazon. Here is how it works.

First, go to and do a normal product search to find the item you have and want to sell. It is fine if it's used. In my example, I looked for the Lego Harry Potter game for the Wii. Here is the product page for that item.

Sell on Amazon

On the right side of the listing, under the main buying buttons, there will almost always be a button that says "Sell on Amazon". You want to click that button.

Note that you have to have a regular account on Amazon to do this - it's free to set up. So it doesn't require a special account.

Once you click that button, you'll be asked a few basic questions. What is the condition of the item - new? Used but like new? Used in very good shape? Choose the option that best matches your item. You also have a notes field available to fill in with any specific details. If you're selling a book and the cover has a mark on it, you can note that here. The clearer you are, the better.

You can set any price you want. You can see what other people are listing theirs for and try to undercut them, or list in the middle of their range, or whatever you wish. You don't pay anything until someone buys it.

Once your item goes live, you wait. The item can be in there as long as you wish. There's no penalty to keeping it there for months. If you want it to sell more quickly, you might lower the price. Or if you have a certain price you want, you can wait until someone's willing to buy it.

When someone DOES buy it, you get an email notification and the item also shows up in your order listing in Amazon's seller's area. The link to that is on the right side of your main account page.

Sell on Amazon

This seller area lets you manage everything involving items you have listed. You can see your inventory of items, your recent orders, and any messages you've gotten from buyers. You can buy postage here.

So the normal sequences of events for me is:

1) List the video game at a penny less than current low price.
2) In 2-3 days the video game sells.
3) I get an email alert when the game sells.
4) I go to the online system and print the packing slip waiting there for me.
5) I package the game in a padded envelope with that packing slip, and weigh it.
6) I use their postage tool to buy postage; it prints a pre-done label for me plus a receipt.
... tracking is free when you do it this way.
... as part of that, the system automatically informs the buyer the tracking #
7) I tape that label onto the outside of the envelope.
8) I drop the package into the mail.
9) I use the Amazon contact page to contact the buyer so they know the package has been sent and that I'm a human being :).

Voila! It's quick and easy. Amazon handles all the payment side of things. You don't "pay" for your postage; they deduct the charge from the money they send to you. Once a week they deposit into your bank account all money you are owed. So you never have to chase people for money or do any money oriented transactions. You simply get your share weekly.

For more details about what they take as their share of the transaction, visit my page:
Amazon Transaction Fees

You should also be aware of some issues that can arise:
Amazon Buyer Issues

Why Use Amazon and Not eBay?

You can learn a great deal about Amazon and their marketplace on my Getting Published pages.

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