Ideas for a Home Business

Sometimes it's hard to narrow down exactly what you want to do with your home business. Your choices are, honestly, limitless. If you've been an avid soap-maker since you were 3, it might be easy to try selling handmade soaps. If you've always been able to spot typos at a glance, then you could easily be a work from home editor. If you are great at making webpages, then it's easy to start up an online webpage construction business.

For many of us, though, there are lots of different ideas that we have and we're not sure which way to go. If you have a number of interests - or if you want to try something fresh and new - it can be more of a challenge to choose a direction.

Here are a variety of ideas to get you started. Note that you should always begin with what YOUR personal strengths are. If you are miserable typing, then choosing a job that involves typing is going to make you unhappy. Think of what you enjoy creating the best. Remember, nobody is going to pay you for sitting on your butt watching TV! You have to create something of value. What is it that you love to create?

Free vs Paid Jobs

Amazon Item Sales
Avon Product Sales
Bird Breeding
Crafts - Soapmaking, Candlemaking, etc.
Drawing, Painting
Ebay Auction Sales and Assistance
Genealogy and Research
Sales and Telemarketing
Secret Shopping
Tupperware Product Sales
Webmaster Graphics and Design
Website Content and Ebooks
Getting Published - Writing and Publishing a Book

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