Finances and Accounting

Working from home can bring in a great deal of money. It can also run you into bankruptcy. The difference between thriving success and destructive failure in your home business often comes down to how well you manage your finances. This is one of the most critical things to do properly.

Finances and Money - Working From Home I've been working from home for over fifteen years and I've seen it all - times of plenty and times of struggle. I've coached hundreds of people through the ups and downs of running a home business. Here are some of the critical issues you need to keep track of in your own home business.

Law of Attraction and Making Money
Business and Personal Separate Accounts

Phone, FAX, Net Connections
Bank Account and Checks

Keeping Track
Statistics Basics

Peachtree Accounting Software
QuickBooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks Techniques
QuickBooks QIF to IIF
QuickBooks Cleanup
QuickBooks Other Names Entries
Quickbooks Removing an Obsolete Asset
Quickbooks Estimated Quarterly Taxes
Quickbooks IRA Payments
Quickbooks Opening Bal Equity
Quickbooks Lending / Loaning Money
Quickbooks Retained Earnings

Keeping Tax Records

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