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It pays to enter contests you find on the web! I saw a contest for a writer's retreat posted on Facebook. On a lark I clicked and entered. I was then told that I'd won a three day, two night stay at the retreat! I chose the time span of October 11-13, 2012, and before you knew it my friend Lynn and I were heading up for the stay.

The drive was about four hours for us, and the roads went from large highways to smaller roads down to gravel roads. The views were stunning, of rolling hills, farmers' pastures, rustic barns, and lovely foliage.

The retreat is an inn originally from the early 1800s which has been completely redone and remodelled. The rooms now each have a patron writer and the style within reflects that writer. The Hemingway room is bold, with photos of his adventures. The Dickinson room has delicate touches. Each room has gorgeous views of the landscapes.

There are two writers in residence, Jon and Steve, who talk with you throughout your stay and guide your progress. There is also Paul, the exceptional cook who hand crafts each meal to suit the people present. Whether you have an allergy to peanuts or a dislike of broccoli, he makes sure everyone loves what is served. Indeed, we adored every single meal and were scheming ways to bring us home with him.

The stay was inspiring in many ways. We would have in depth conversations about our books which would spawn a wealth of ideas. Then we'd tuck into a nook or sprawl on the couch and write away. Then we'd regroup and talk about our new changes. It helped make every hurdle a simple task to surmount and move past.

Here are 106 photos from our stay!

I start right in with the meals :). They were delicious. Here's delicata squash with kale.

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FTC Disclosure note: As mentioned, we won the rooms as part of the contest. We paid for our own meals and for the taxes on the rooms. When they asked if we wanted to stay an extra night at our own cost, we jumped at the chance. Unfortunately repairs they were making to the inn ended up meaning we didn't stay, but we wanted to!

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