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For many years the BellaOnline editors have met in a US city to write up the city and to learn new skills. In 2009 the European editors lobbied to have a gathering nearer to their location, and we met in Dover.

Tower Bridge Photo In 2011 we had our second European Gathering, this one in the heart of London. After a lot of research we decided to base our meetings in the Guoman Tower hotel right on the Thames river. It was an absolutely gorgeous location, nestled amongst a variety of delicious restaurants, and we had a delightful time. The image here is a photo I took from my hotel room. It was fantastic. We even got to see the bridge open up twice!

When the main weekend was over, I went to Bordeaux, France for a week with Peter, our BellaOnline Wine editor, and his wife Joan.

Here are the notes and photos!

Wednesday August 3rd - Flying into Heathrow
Thursday August 4th - Exploring St. Albans, the Roman Museum, and Cathedral
Friday August 5th - Train to London, visiting Charing Cross
Saturday August 6th - Guoman Hotel Explorations
Sunday August 7th - St. Katharine's Docks
Monday August 8th - Tower of London / Leave for Bordeaux

The Bordeaux link then takes you to my WineIntro site where I write up all the wineries we visited and the week there.

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