Kayaking Westville Lake Sturbridge

Bob has been lobbying for us to get kayaks for years now, because he wanted to go out ocean fishing in one. I was petrified of him getting sucked out to sea or drowning so I was actively dragging my feet.

Kayaking Westville Lake photo Sis Tammy has a pair of kayaks and I always wanted to go kayaking with her. That draw was being outweighed by my fear of Bob drowning.

In September 2011 Tammy announced she was planning on leaving Massachusetts in only two months. So I realized this was going to be my last chance to go kayaking with her. I gave in and bought my Venus 11 sit-on-top kayak so I could kayak with her before she left. This made Bob happy, because all his kayak research for the past few years paid off - I got exactly the one he thought was perfect for me. The timing was great - Kittery Trading Post was running a HUGE sale on kayaks and gear. I'm happy because it's a sit on top - I was worried about a sit-in kayak rolling and me being trapped underneath. Also I love the tie-dye style colors of orange, yellow, and red. It's called "sunrise". Also a portion of my purchase price was donated to breast cancer research.

In terms of timing, though, Bob is sad. Here he's wanted a kayak for years, and he's held off because he wanted me to be ready. Then I leapt instantly, and for Tammy and Charley all we had to do was run down to Dad's house twice to pick up the kayaks that were stored there. This means the three of us can happily kayak, and Bob is scrambling to find one of his complicated fishing kayaks to join in. It's much harder for him to just "jump" on the right kayak since he has a variety of specs that his kayak will need to meet. For now he has to watch from the shore, and use mine occasionally!

Kayaking Westville Lake photo I took my kayak out for a half hour a few days after I bought it, to get a feel for how it worked. I've never really kayaked before. Then on Sunday, September 11th, I went out with Tammy, Charley, and Bob on the Westville Lake in Sturbridge MA. This gorgeous lake was the perfect place for us to all get familiar with the kayaks! Charley and Tammy have both kayaked before, but not in a while.

The purple dot marks where the boat ramp is, where we went into the water. We first went north to the dam, then south around to the bridge.

The lifejacket I have is a Stohlquist Cruiser, and I love it. I barely felt it while on the kayak, it was so comfortable, and it didn't interfere with my body movements at all. I got the yellow / mango one for safety reasons. I want to be found when I fall out :) My paddle is a Werner Skagit which I also love - it's light and easy to use.

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