Waller Family Reunion - Denmark South Carolina

Waller Genealogy For years I had been writing letters to my Great Aunt Dot - the sister of my paternal grandfather, George Waller. She was the younger of the two siblings. Dot was born in 1921 in Illinois. During her long life she had moved to at least 20 different homes, raised three children, and worked as a nurse. She was now living near Augusta, Georgia, to be near her son Vince.

I was eager to meet this fascinating relative. Finally I put together plans to go down to visit her with my father, George. Along the way we would also visit my uncle Blake and his extended family.

We made our trip on December 3-5, 2010, a short Friday to Sunday weekend to be able to see everyone. Here are the notes and photos from that trip! We had a wonderful time and are hoping to be able to have an even more complete reunion next year, one that includes my other uncle Bruce as well as my aunt Becky. We will see how things go!

Trip Notes
Friday - Flying to Denmark South Carolina
Saturday - Visiting Aunt Dot and Vince in Georgia
Sunday - Birthday Party in South Carolina, and heading home

(photo by Annette LaBon)

From left to right: Vince LaBon, George Waller, Dot Whiting, Blake Waller, Lisa Shea, Tammy Waller (Blake's wife)

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