Canada - Ottawa and Niagara by the Lake

My mother, Ann, is from Ukraine. The only relative we've met more than once or twice is a cousin Jenny. Jenny's mother and Ann's mother were sisters. Most of the other relatives stayed in Ukraine, but Ann came to the US and Jenny travels. So I was very excited when I heard Jenny's daughter, Natalie was getting married in Canada! It was a chance to meet Natalie again, who I hadn't seen since we were young, along with her brother Sebastian and of course their parents Jenny and Stephan. The date was set for January 16th, and I made my plans.

The wedding was being held in Ottawa, which is about an 8 hour drive for me. January is not the best month to be driving to Ottawa :) So I enlisted the help of my boyfriend, Bob. We arranged to go up Friday night, stay for the wedding on Saturday, then head over to Niagara-on-the-Lake via Toronto. This would land us in the ice wine region exactly during their initial weekend of the ice wine festival. Then we'd drive home! This long weekend involved over 24 hours of road driving, but it isn't often you get to attend an ice wine festival, and weddings like this are once in a lifetime.

The weekend arrived with gorgeous weather! Perfecto!

Friday - Driving to Ottawa
Saturday - The Wedding
Sunday - Ice Wineries
Monday - Ice Wineries

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